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Argentinian wine tasting recap

Last Saturday was such a fun night of tasting with Rochester Tasting Club. We tasted 5 wines all hailing from Argentina. Each of the wines offered something unique and opened the groups eyes to some amazing values. Plus knowing that all of these wines can be found in Rochester, MN was such a bonus. Now onto the wines....

  1. Zuccardi Series A Torrontes IP Salta 2020- This wonderful white wine was a great way to start the evening. This wine was pale lemon in color, with notes of honeysuckle, pear, apple, pepper, flint, smoke, and chalk. All of the group enjoyed this wine. We all agreed that it would be beautiful with or without food but to be careful because the ABV is 14% so it will bite you if you drink it too quickly. This wine can be found at Apollo Liquor NE and Apollo Wine and Spirits for approx. $15.99/bottle.

  2. Chacra Barda Pinot Noir Patagonia 2022- If you know me at all you know I have been singing the praises of this wine for a while now. It's no secret it is one of my absolute favorite wines. This is a lively and balanced Pinot Noir showing cherry, strawberry, cranberry, and spice notes. Lovely on its own and can easily pair with an abundance of different foods. This wine can be found at Tessa's Office or Jack's Bottle Shop for approx. $42.00/bottle

  3. El Enemigo Bonarda 2019 Mendoza- This bottle is a little trickier to find as I had to get it special order. This Bonarda is grown right next to Malbec and has lovely tastes of deep cherry, plum, raspberry, spices and smoke. So delicious it makes a great pairing for any spiced meat dish. Empanadas please! This bottle can be special ordered from Tessa's Office for approx. $35.00/bottle.

  4. Catena San Carlos Cabernet Franc 2019- Catena Zapata was recently named the 2023 World's Best Vineyard. This wine was a true delight for everyone and ranked the highest of any in our tasting and was singing in our glass the minute it was poured. This wine gave aromas and tastes of black cherry, black plum, blackberry, cinnamon, clove, cigar box, smoked cedar, and has a wonderful balance. This wine can be found at Apollo Liquor NE for approx. $25.99/bottle.

  5. El Enemigo Malbec 2019 Mendoza- This is the same producer that showed us a lovely Bonarda. This wine was more structured and gave more pronounced aromas of plum, blackberries, and tobacco with a smooth chocolate finish. This pairing with a blue cheese is a homerun. This wine can be found at Tessa's Office for approx. $35.00/bottle.

Which one of these wines would you like to try?

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