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Wine and Taco's Pairing Part 2

So who doesn't love carnitas tacos? They are so flavorful so selecting a wine to match all of that flavor is a must.

Carnitas are a Mexican pork dish where an inexpensive cut of meat is used. A pork shoulder or boneless butt is used and slow cooked for hours until the meat breaks down and can be shredded. When I am making carnitas I like to use my Ninja Foodi to cut down on the cooking time. I cube the pork into 1 inch pieces, cover it in spices, and then pressure cook it with onions, chicken broth, and orange juice. Once the meat is cooked I add some agave syrup and broil it to give some crispness. Usually, I will choose a squeeze of lime and some pickled red onions to top it once I have added it to a taco shell. Now for the wine pairing...

A California Zinfandel has all of the characteristics to be a great compliment to the carnitas. Zinfandels tend to take on jammy, fruit forward notes with some spicy characteristics. Most Zinfandels will tend to be higher in ABV so carnitas with mild and sweet spice are great as they won't exaggerate the alcohol sensation in your mouth. The Frog's Leap Zinfandel from Napa Valley displays notes of jammy summer berries, soft spices, and some fresh fruit. This wine is dry and carries an ABV of 14.6% putting in the high alcohol range. The Frog's Leap Zinfandel can be found in Rochester, MN at Andy's Liquor for approx. $40. This wine displays enough complexity and balance that is can be drunk right away or tucked away for a couple of years. I hope you enjoy this wine pairing as much as I do. Cheers!

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